Rift Builds

Rift Builds[dot]Blogspot[dot]com is build guides for players of Rift. This site has complete sets of builds from the four callings (Rift Warrior Build, Rift Mage Builds, Rift Rogue Builds and Rift Cleric Builds) and each soul combination.

Rift Builds also contain most popular rift builds combinations for level 50 toons. Either falls in PvP or PvE category, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Utility, Healer or Tank types. Rift Builds Videos and Rift Builds Top Skills.

Disclaimer to any sites, this just personal blogs to help out fellow Rift players with rift builds.

The content still at 2nd version and still need to update if found more information needed, or if you have suggestions or comments email me at mscadaing[at]gmail[dot]com.