Rift Chloromancer Builds

rift Chloromancer buildsThe Rift Chloromancer is a healing specialist who draws about the vital energies of plants and nature to find a balance between life and death. This allows them to harness energies right into a devastating force, or recycle destructive magic to heal their allies.

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Rift Chloromancer Healer Build 1
Chloromancer (44) | Archon (16) | Warlock (6)
Rift Chloromancer Builds
Rift Chloromancer Healer Build 2
Chloromancer (38) | Warlock (22) | Elementalist (6)
Rift Chloromancer Build
Rift Chloromancer Healer Build 3
Chloromancer (46) | Warlock (20) | Dominator (0)
Rift Chloromancer Healer Build 4
Chloromancer (38) | Domoinator (26) | Warlock (2)
rift Chloromancer builds

 Destructive Growth - Enemies caught within the area of your Wild Growth take an additional 10% damage.   Empathic Bond - Links the Mage and the ally affected by their Synthesis ability, returning mana to the Mage equal to 10% of the damage dealt to that ally. Lasts 30 seconds.
Enduring Tether - Reduces cooldown on your Soul Tether by 60 seconds. Essence Surge - Heals an ally for 100% of the Mage's maximum health. Reduces magic damage dealt by the Mage by 50% for 12 seconds.
Living Shell - Encases the Mage in hardened vines, returning 2% of the Mage's maximum mana per second, and absorbing up to 831 damage, for the next 30 seconds. Mana is reduced by the amount of damage absorbed. Wild Growth - Blesses the ground within 15 meters of the Mage, healing up to 10 allies for 922 health over 12 seconds and reduces the movement speed of enemies by 50%. Consumes Charge while active.
Unleashed Abandon - Increases the duration of your Wild Abandon by 3 seconds.   Natural Fusion - Increases the bonus to heals from Lifegiving Veil provided by your Synthesis by 75%