Rift Warlock Builds

Rift warlock BuildsConsummate practitioners of the dark arts, Rift Warlock embrace the grim forces of entropy and death. Protected within a cloak of shadows, they lurk about the edges from the conflict, his or her deadly energies inevitably consume all that stand within their way.

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Rift Warlock DPS Build 1
Warlock (33) | Necromancer (33) | Dominator (0)
Rift warlock Builds
Rift Warlock DPS Build 2
Warlock (51) | Necromancer (9) | Elementalist (6)
Rift warlock Builds
Rift Warlock DPS Build 3
Warlock (31) | Necromancer (20) | Archmage (15)
Rift warlock Builds
Rift Warlock DPS Build 4
Warlock (31) | Archmage (19) | Necromancer (16)
Rift warlock Builds
Rift Warlock DPS Build 5
Warlock (51) | Necromancer (10) | Archon (5)
Rift warlock Builds
Rift Warlock DPS Build 6
Warlock (44) | Elementalist (16) | Dominator (6)
Rift warlock Builds

Dark Power - Increases your spell damage by 10%. Improved Dark Fury - Increases the duration of Dark Fury's stun by 1.5 seconds.
Improved Warlock Armor - Your Warlock Armor also increases the damage you deal by 10%. Neddra's Essence - Imbues the Mage with the power of Neddra, reducing incoming damage by 80% for 7 seconds.
Potency - Increases the critical hit chance of your spells by 5%. Radiate Death - Causes the Dark Touch and Neddra's Grasp effects on the targeted enemy to spread to up to 6 other enemies within 10 meters.
Shadow Life - Increases the caster's total max health by 50%, for 20 seconds, and heals them for 50% of their new total max health. Neddra's Grasp - Places a dark presence on the enemy, causing them to suffer 48 Death damage each time they perform an action, up to 5 times over the next 15 seconds.