Rift Nightblade Builds

RIFT nightblade  BUILDSAs a stealth class the Rift Nightblade prefers to wear light armor, though he isn't just your typical cloak 'n' dagger rogue. Instead, he also possesses the ability to take advantage of the planar magics of fire and death, giving him that extra edge when ambushing his foes and dispatching them quickly.

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Rift Nightblade Melee Pve Build 1
Nightblade (43) | Assassin (17) | Bladedancer (6)
RIFT nightblade BUILDS
Rift Nightblade Melee Pve Build 2
Nightblade (43) | Bladedancer (19) | Assassin (4)

RIFT nighblades BUILDS
Rift Nightblade Melee Pve Build 3
Nightblade (51) | Assassin (15) | Ranger (0)

RIFT nightblade BUILDS
Rift Nightblade Melee Pve Build 4a
Nightblade (34) | Marksman (32) | Riftstalker (0)

RIFT nightblade BUILDS

Dark Containment - Envelopes the enemy in a shroud of darkness, incapacitating the enemy for 15 seconds. Any damage on the enemy removes the effect. Dusk to Dawn - Overwhelms the enemy using the forces of darkness, rooting the enemy and dealing weapon plus 937 Death damage over 4 seconds.
Enhanced Weapon Enchantments - Increases the damage of your weapon enchantments by 30%. Enkindle - Your Weapon Flare and Fiery Chains burn your enemies for an additional 100% of their total damage over 6 seconds.
Heat Retention - You have a 100% chance to retain heat for 30 seconds each time a damaging ability that generates Combo Points is used, increasing the damage of non-physical attacks by 2%. Lingering Flame - If the enemy is suffering from the effect of Fiery Spike, your Blazing Strike and Flame Thrust have a 100% chance to cast Fiery Spike onto them.
Nightstalker - Your Blazing Strike, Flame Thrust, Dusk Strike and Twilight Force deal 30% more damage if the enemy's health is below 30%. Scourge of Darkness - A Finisher that causes the Rogue's next 10 weapon attacks to deal additional Death damage. Energy Cost is reduced with more Combo Points. Damage bonus from Attack Power is increased with more Combo Points.