Rift Champion Builds

Champions are powerful Warriors who excel at melee combat. Wielding massive two-handed weapons, these battle-tested fighters find few equals in one-on-one battle. Champions strive to become one with their blade, constantly honing their fighting skills to win glory through warfare.

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Rift Champion PvE Build 1
Champion (35) | Paragon (31) | RiftBlade (0)
Rift Champion Build
Rift Champion PvE Build 2
Champion (34) | Beastmaster (26) | Paragon (6)
Rift Champion Build
Rift Champion PvE Build 3
Champion (24) | Warlord (23) |
Reaver (19)
Rift Champion Build
Rift Champion PvP Build 1
Champion (32) | Paragon (29) | Vindicator (5)
Rift Champion Build
Rift Champion PvP Build 2
Champion (51) | Riftblade (12) | Vindicator (3)
Rift Champion Build
Rift Champion PvP Build 3
Champion (44) | Warlord (12) | Vindicator (10)
Rift Champion Build

RIFT Champion Builds: Top Champion Skills
Battlefield Intimidation - Roar in rage, causing an enemy to be rooted for 6 seconds, in addition to fearing all nearby enemies for 6 seconds. Blood FrenzyIncrease the critical hit chance of Bloodthirst by 100%.
Blitz - Allows Bull Rush to be used in combat and causes the enemy to be rooted. BloodthirstFor 30 seconds after getting a killing blow, strike an enemy for weapon plus 139 to 143 Physical damage. 
Cruel EfficiencyIncreases chance to hit with two-handed weapons by 5%. Deadly StrikesIncreases Physical damage done by attack abilities that do not consume Attack Points by 18% while wielding a two-handed weapon.
Don't Make Me AngryAttack Power is increased by 30% after being the victim of a critical hit. Follow ThroughMighty Blow, Bladefury, and Cornered Beast hit 2 additional targets.
Grim SatisfactionSuccessful critical hits regain 10 Power over 5 seconds. Intense TrainingIncreases the damage bonus of Soldier's Bearing to 8%, the critical damage bonus of Slayer's Bearing to 25%, and the damage bonus of Destroyer's Bearing to 35%
Lingering WoundsCritical hits reduce healing on target by 50% for 15 seconds. OverrunBull Rush stuns the enemy for 3 seconds.
Perfect TimingReduces cooldown of Proper Timing by 30 seconds. Proper TimingTime the next swing to make it count. The next Physical attack ability used within 30 seconds will be a critical hit.
Ruthless PursuitBreak the hold of Disarm, Stun, Root, and Snare effects. Take No PrisonersDamaging abilities that consume Attack Points deal an additional 10% damage.
Thunderous KickKick an enemy hard, dealing 160 to 165 Physical damage and knocking them back. This ability grants 1 Attack Point. Titan's StrengthIncreases Strength by 10%.
Titan's StrikeA massive strike that deals weapon plus Physical damage and stuns the enemy. Up to 5 adjacent enemies take 125% of the damage done. Two-handed SpecializationPhysical ability damage while wielding a two-hander is increased by 1.35% for each soul point spent in the Champion tree with a maximum bonus of 40%.