Rift Vindicator Builds

rift vindicator builds
The Rift Vindicator is a Warrior PvP soul. The abilities and skills increase a player's damage towards and defense against other players. Vindicator considers as faction’s leaders desired a Soul to face about the front line while all others might fall back or flee.

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Vindicator PvP Build 1
Champion (32) | Paragon (29) | Vindicator (5)
Rift vindicator builds
Vindicator PvP Build 2
Paragon (32) | Paladin (19) |
Vindicator (15)Rift Vindicator Build
Vindicator PvP Build 3
Champion (51) | RiftBlade (12) |
Vindicator (3)rift vindicator builds
Vindicator PvP Build 4
Paragon (40) | Void Knight (9) |
Vindicator (0)rift vindicator builds