Rift Bard Builds

The Bard is a fountain of energy and movement. Their play style is support—dishing out mild damage while reducing the enemy's incoming damage, helping their allies with several types of buffs, and providing a consistent stream of healing. Though not an offensive destroyer, they can win a fight on their own with a bit of time.
Strengths: The Bard is a support class with a number of buffs, debuffs and limited healing capabilities. 

Weaknesses: They do not provide especially high damage, reactive "spike" or main healing, or the resilience of a tank soul
rift bard builds

Rift Bard Utility Build 1
Bard (51) | Nightblade (8) | Riftstalker (7)
rift bard builds
Rift Bard Utility Build 2
Bard (34) | Nightblade (18) | Ranger (14)
Rift Bard Build
Rift Bard Utility Build 3
Bard (44) | Riftstalker (18) | Ranger (14)
rift Bard builds
Rift Bard Utility Build 4
Bard (51) | Ranger (10) | Riftstalker (5)Rift bard Build
Rift Bard Utility Build 5
Bard (44) | Nightblade (16) | Ranger (6)rift Bard builds
Rift Bard Utility Build 6
Bard (44) | Riftstalker (14) | Ranger (8)rift Bard builds

Coda of Restoration - Plays a Coda that uses Combo Points to instantly heal up to 10 party and raid members. Energy Cost is reduced with more Improved Anthem of Competence - Your Anthem of Competence now affects party and raid members when they are in combat.
Resonance - Increases all of your ally's attributes by 5% if your ally is affected by Motif of Bravery, Motif of Focus and Motif of Tenacity. Lasts 30 seconds. Riff - Plays a succession of notes that deals weapon plus 52 to 55 Life damage. Awards 5 Combo Points. This attack cannot be blocked, parried or dodged.
Triumphant Spirit - Increases the amount healed by Verse of Vitality, Motif of Regeneration and Coda of Restoration by 15%. Verse of Fascination - Plays a Verse that mesmerizes surrounding enemies for 8 seconds. Any damage on affected enemies removes the effect.
Virtuoso - A moment of musical brilliance is displayed. All Codas do not consume Combo Points for the next 15 seconds. Deafening Music - Increases the damage of Coda of Wrath and Coda of Fury by 15%.