Rift Assassin Builds

rift Assasin buildsMasters of subtlety and subterfuge, an Rift Assassin’s ability to walk in the shadows allows them to bypass obstacles and launch devastating surprise attacks. A rare few victims survive the first assault, simply to succumb to virulent poisons.

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Rift Assasin PvE Melee Build 1
Nightblade (43) | Assasin (17) | Bladedancer (8)
rift assassin builds
Rift Assasin PvE Melee Build 2
Assassin (38) | Bladedancer (14) |
Riftstalker (14)
Rift Assassin Build
Rift Assassin PvE Melee Build 3
Assassin (50) | Bard (8) | Riftstalker (8)
rift assassin builds
Rift Assassin PvE Melee Build 4
Assassin (35) | BladeDancer (21) |
Nightblade (10)
Rift Assassin Build

Advanced Flanking - Increases the Critical Hit chance of Backstab by 6%. Increases the Critical Hit chance of Assassinate, Jagged Strike and Paralyzing Strike by 50%. Enduring Brew - The Rogue drinks a concoction of dangerous substances which heals for 454 hit points.
Foul Play - Executes an unfair maneuver that stuns the enemy for 4 seconds. Improved Stealth - Your Stealth now lasts until cancelled.
Physical Trauma - Increases the duration of your Puncture, Jagged Strike and Impale by 8 seconds. Poison Mastery - Increases the chance your Poison-coated weapons apply Poison to your enemy by 10%.
Slip Away - The Rogue completely disappears from sight and becomes immune to all damage effects for 3 seconds. This also removes Snares and Roots. This ability does not trigger global cooldown. Subterfuge - Increases the damage of your Assassinate, Paralyzing Strike and Jagged Strike by 20%. They also have a 100% chance of gaining an additional Combo Point on the enemy.