Rift Reaver Guide

Rift Reaver are warriors who combine the art of combat using the entropic energies of death. The least touch of the weapon can spread disease and incite madness in those unlucky enough to manage them. Reavers can wield a complete range of armors and weapons. Reavers undermine an enemy's ability to fight back, grinding opponents down until they succumb.

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Rift Reaver DPS Build
Reaver (31) | Riftblade (21) | Champion (14)
 Rift Reaver Build
Rift Reaver Tank Build 1
Reaver (39) | Paladin (27) | Warlord (0)
Rift Reaver Build
Rift Reaver Tank Build 2
Reaver (34) | Paladin (27) | Warlord (5)
Rift Reaver Build
Rift Reaver Tank Build 3
Reaver (32) | Paladin (29) | Warlord (5)
Rift Reaver Build

Top Reaver Skills
Creeping Death - Summon forth a corrosive mist from the Plane of Death to deal 239 Death damage over 10 seconds to up to 10 nearby enemies, in addition to snaring them. Generates additional threat.
Enraged Essence - Spin a field of strengthening planar energy. Enhancing the damage Allies within the field deal by 5%.
Improved Master of the Abyss - Reduces the cooldown on Master of the Abyss by 30 seconds. Crippling Infestation - Enemies affected by Infestation deal 15% less damage.
Power From The Masses - Using an area of effect ability has a 100% chance of reducing damage you take by 1% for each nearby enemy, to a maximum of 10% for the next 10 seconds. Wasting Away - Successfully hitting with a damage over time ability causes Wasting Illness, which reduces Strength by 15% for 15 seconds.
Master of the AbyssA sudden burst of corruptive energy deals 306 Death damage to nearby enemies, in addition to healing the Warrior by the damage doneSoul Devour - Increases the healing of Soul Feast by 150%.
Crest Mastery - Crest of the Abyss now also reduces spell damage taken by 9%. Grisly Works - Heal 9% of your maximum health when you kill an enemy.