Rift RiftBlade Builds

Rift Riftblade are Warriors who learn how to enhance their attacks with elemental magic, allowing them to cast bolts of force across the battlefield and strike with boundless energies.

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Rift Riftblade PvE Build 1
Riftblade (51) | Champion (10) | Reaver (5)
Rift Riftblade Build
Rift Riftblade PvE Build 2
Riftblade (34) | Paladin (32) | Champion (0)
Rift Riftblade Build
Rift Riftblade PvE Build 3
Riftblade (35) | Beastmaster (31) | Warlord (0)
Rift Riftblade Build
Rift Riftblade PvP Build
Riftblade (37) | Paladin (29) | Vindicator (0)
Rift Riftblade Build


Rift Storm - The Warrior becomes surrounded by a field of unstable rift energy, causing Air damage to up to 10 nearby enemies every second Improved Riftwalk- Reduces the cooldown of Riftwalk by 20 seconds.
Planar Blade - The Warrior's weapon is sheathed in planar energy. Critical hits with attack abilities return 10 Power to the Warrior, in addition to refreshing the cooldown on Riftwalk and the Void Knight ability Rift Summon. Only 1 blade spell can be active at a time. Lasts 1 hour. Enhanced Burst - Hitting with a Burst ability increases the elemental damage you do to the target by 30% for 2 seconds per attack point used by the Burst.
Riftwalk - Plane Shift to an enemy, the disruption of rift energy roots them for 2 seconds. Breaks all roots, snares, stuns, mesmerizes, and incapacitates. This ability grants 1 Attack Point. Unrelenting - Reduces the cooldown on Stonespear and Windspear by 15 seconds.
Elemental Blade - Increases the damage done by Elemental Touch by 100%. Elemental Caress - Reduce the threat generated by damage effects by 50%.
Improved Avatar - Increases the Dodge bonus of Avatar of Wind to 6%, the damage reduction bonus of Avatar of Water to 10%, and the Burst damage bonus of Avatar of the Rift to 65%. Rift Surge -Wrap an enemy in rift energy, causing them to take Air damage when they cast a spell or use an ability for the next 15 seconds: