Rift Paladin Builds

Heavy shields and divine blessings is exactly what Rift Paladin known for. Paladin can stand agains his foes using bulwark. Paladin's large shield is advantageous for his protection as well as affords many opportunities to produce a devastationg counter attack. Paladin uses a combination of magic and physical attacks when fighting enemies.

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Rift Paladin PvE Tank Build 1
Paladin (45) | Warlord (11) | Reaver (10)

Rift Paladin Build
Rift Paladin PvE Tank Build 2
Paladin (28) | Void Knight (22) | Warlord (16)
Rift Paladin Build
Rift Paladin PvE Tank Build 3
Paladin (32) | Beastmaster (24) | Warlord (10)

Rift Paladin Build
Rift Paladin PvE Tank Build 4
Paladin (28) | Warlord (24) | Reaver (14)

Rift Paladin Build

Balance of Power - Blocked attacks deal Life damage back to the attacker equal to 160% of weapon damage. Improved Paladin's Devotion - Reduces cooldown on Paladin's Devotion by 30 seconds.
Improved Reverent Protection - Increases the absorption amount of Reverent Protection by 20%. Karmic Resolution - Retaliation and Disarming Counterblow heal the Paladin for 30% of the damage dealt.
Paladin's Reprisal - Follow a successful Block with a sweeping melee attack against up to 10 enemies within range, dealing 120%. Reverent Protection -Surround all allies within 10 meters with a field of energy that absorbs damage for 30 seconds
Shield Charge - Charge an enemy leading with a shield, dealing 154 to 159 damage and rooting them for 2 seconds. Requires an equipped shield. Generates additional threat. This ability grants 1 Attack Point. Tip the Balance - Balance of Power also heals you for 100% of the damage done by Balance of Power.