Rift Paragon Builds

Rift Paragon are offensive powerhouse that combines the feel of a martial artist using the power of steel this could easy beat his opponent down. Utilizing powerful combat techniques and moving with a fluid grace, the Paragon is like an axe wielding, plate wearing martial artist. Therefore if you’re a melee DPS kind of player I recommend Paragon.

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An excellent solo class that pairs high damage output with fun gameplay. Many of the Paragons abilities are reactive in nature, requiring players to pay attention to procs and triggers. These follow up attacks act similarly to finishing moves, but will award attack points to keep the killing spree rolling along.

Paragons are effective in dungeons, raids and rift invasions due to high DPS and some moderate crowd control and interrupts. However a player with Paragon as their focal point would probably be better served to choose another soul to increase raid synergy and bring more to the table as thus far I have found more benefit in increasing overall raid damage than the moderate upgrade the Paragon gives my personal DPS.

Rift Paragon PvP Build
Paragon (32) | Paladin (19) | Vindicator (15)

Rift Paragon Build
Rift Paragon PvE Build 1
Paragon (51) | Paladin (8) | Riftblade (7)
Rift Paragon Build
Rift Paragon PvE Build 2
Paragon (38) | Riftblade (12) | Paragon (38)

 Rift Paragon Build
Rift Paragon PvE Build 3
Paragon (33) | Reaver (17) | Champion (16)
Rift Paragon Build
Rift Paragon PvE Build 4
Paragon (31) | Beastmaster (23) | Champions (12)
Rift Paragon Build
Rift Paragon PvE Build 5
Paragon (44) | Champion (22) | Riftblade (0)
Rift Paragon Build

Rift Paragon Builds: Top Skills
Bend Like the Reed - Like the reed in the wind the Warrior flows with their enemy's attacks, increasing their chance to parry attacks made against them for 10 seconds
Deadly Grace - Strike with a second weapon swing for 21% of damage done after successfully hitting with Dual Strike.
Death Touch - A nerve strike to the chest of the enemy, reduces their Strength and Dexterity by 10% every second for 8 seconds then deals 393 to 399 Physical damage.  Force of Will - Critical hit damage of follow up attacks is increased by 60%.
Improved Flowing Strikes - Increases the duration of Flowing Strikes by 4 seconds. Run Like the Wind - Increases the duration on Fleet of Foot by 6 seconds.
Serenity - When you Dodge or Parry an attack you gain 10 Power. Touch of Tranquility - A nerve strike to an enemy's neck causes them to be incapacitated for 15 seconds. Damage will remove this effect.