Rift Archmage Builds

rift archmage buildsRift Archmage have perfected spells that devastate the Ascended. He learns rituals of empowerment, control, and protection. Their spells create blasts of energy, or curse Ascended enemies using the inability to heal, as well as banish enemies from Telara itself. An Archmage can also be a subtle broker of knowledge, using spells to detect the unseen and affect the flow of magic. With regards to manipulating the battlefield with swathes of magic, Archmages have no rival.

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Rift Archmage Healer PvP Build
Archmage (32) | Chloromancer (22) | NEcromancer (12)
Rift archmage builds
Rift Archmage DPS PvP Build
Archmage (26) | Stormcaller (25) | Elemental (15)
Rift archmage Build

Collateral Damage - Your single target damage spells have a 25% chance to apply 50% of the damage to all enemies within 5 meters.
Ethereal Shell
Damage taken is reduced by 25% for 5 seconds when hit with a Stun, Root or Silence.
Immovable ObjectShields the Mage, reflecting all crowd control and movement impairing abilities for up to 10 seconds. Consumes Charge while active. Improved Rune ShieldAdds 25% to the amount of damage Rune Shield absorbs.
Mana ShieldShields the Mage, causing any damage dealt to them to be reduced by 50% and dealt to their mana pool instead, for up to 12 seconds. Nyx's ManipulationCurses the enemy, doubling the mana cost of their spells and reducing the mana cost of the Mage's spells by 50% for 15 seconds.
Rift TombBlasts the enemy with negative energy, knocking them back 15 meters and banishing them for up to 10 seconds. Consumes Charge while active Withred VeinsYour single target non-instant damage spells add Withered Veins to players, reducing healing received by 5%. Stacks up to 5 times. Last for 10 seconds.