Rift Warrior Builds

Rift Warrior known as Masters of martial combat and  excel most as lone combatants. But playing as Warrior is bit rough at start coz you must have good equips and potions to support while leveling. Gold farming is most beneficial method to earn gold but it time consuming and boring. Easiest way to earn gold or platinum is to purchase but problem is, which site is where to purchase rift gold? Take a look at Rift Gold Reviews for top gold selling site and check their review and comparison.

Another interesting mechanic the warrior uses are action points. Action points are displayed as crossed swords beneath your health bar, the max quantity of action points a warrior can have is 3. Certain abilities will grant the warrior actions points when used, and Finisher abilities will consume action points. Warriors are melee fighters who depend on heavy plate armor for protection as they close with their opponents. 


Rift Warrior Builds includes a unique system by which one character can combine up to three different souls or sub-classes. Here some short intro for each warrior’s souls:

Rift Warrior Builds Rift Paladin -  capable of use Divine Blessing and high Shields to defend against any enemy attacks. This soul is also able to launching counter attacks. However, Paladins are weak against magic attacks and are generally fairly slow.
Rift Warrior BuildsRift Reaver - Reavers carry one handed swords and a shield. They utilize damage over time effects to melt their targets after a period of time. However, this soul is not ideal for soloing but instead for big parties.

Rift Warrior BuildsRift Void Knight - Void Knights focus on absorbing magic spells.

Rift Warrior BuildsRift Warlord - Warlords are extremely vulnerable when they're alone since they're much more of a buffing class than anything. They do very well in parties because they can strengthen friends and weaken enemies

Rift Warrior BuildsRift Champion - The Champion soul is known for his speed and also the ability to strike down enemies together with his powerful two-handed weapons. However, it is suggested not to fight multiple targets at once.

Rift Warrior BuildsRift RiftBlade - This soul uses ranged elemental attacks on his enemies. Riftblade can deal lots of damages; nonetheless they also have a lot of damage themselves when hit due to their weak defense. While using the Riftblade, focus on avoid all enemy attack at all costs.
Rift Warrior BuildsRift Paragon - The Paragon has the ability to use his two-handed weapon to get rid of his opponents from the distance. Remember that this soul's weakness is burst damage from enemies.

Rift Warrior BuildsRift Beastmaster - The spirit beast fights near the Beastmaster with speed and strength and sees him through his darkest trials. This soul enables you to summon a mighty beast that can either assist you to attack your enemies or heal your party members.
Rift Warrior BuildsRift Vindicator - The Vindicator is really a Warrior PvP soul. The abilities and skills increase a player's damage towards and defense against other players.