Rift Templar Builds

RIFT TEMPLAR BUILDSRift Templars are good at both offense and defense, and adept at swinging the tide of battle. The Templar is hardened for battle while retaining their faith, whether that faith requires the Templar to heal their comrades, smite their enemies, or merge both doctrines. Templars are unstoppable in the cause of their patron, and no injury, no poison, no mere spells can stop them.

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Templar  PvP Healer Build
Templar (26) | Purifier (24) |
Sentinel (16)

Blessing of Stone - While you are stunned, 20% of all damage taken is converted into healing which affects all nearby party or raid members, excepting the Cleric. Bulwark of Will - Grants immunity to Crowd Control and increases damage and healing done to players by 10% for 10 seconds.
Creeping Remedy - Your single target heals heal one additional party or raid member for 50% of the healing done. Ethereal Shell - Whenever you are afflicted by Stun, Root, or Silence, you take 25% less damage from players for the next 8 seconds.
Mark of Purification - Your single target heals have a 25% chance to remove a single Curse, Disease, or Poison. Overload - Causes all damage done to the ally to reflect 50% back onto the enemy and convert 50% into healing. Lasts 8 seconds.
Retribution - Transfers 50% of all healing used on the enemy to the Cleric. Lasts 15 seconds. Spirits of Life - Summons a Spirit of Life which heals nearby party or raid members for 389 to 395 health every 2 seconds. Lasts 30 seconds.