Rift Archon Builds

rift archon buildsArchons are support specialists who steal their opponents’ strength and convert that raw energy into beneficial magic. These mages bolster their allies and unleash potent kinetic blasts, quickly turning the tide of battle.

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Rift Archon Utility PvE Build 1
Archon (51) | Dominator (10) | Elementalist (5)

Rift Archon Builds
Rift Archon Utility PvE Build 2
Archon (51) | Warlock (10) | Dominator (5)Rift Archon Build
Rift Archon Utility PvE Build 3
Archon (34) | Chloromancer (32) | Elementalist (0)rift archone builds
Rift Archon DPS PvE Build 1
Archon (31) | Pyromancer (21) | Elementalist (14)rift archon builds
Rift Archon DPS PvE Build2
Archon (33) | Stormcaller (33) | Dominator (0)
rift archone builds
Rift Archon Utility PvE Build
Archon (31) | Warlock (30) | Elementalist (5)rift archone builds

Earthen BarrageHurls earthen missiles at the enemy, dealing 164 to 169 Earth damage. Group and raid members within 35 meters have their melee and spell critical hit chance increased by 5% for 15 seconds. Healing Flamesl Increases the healing bonus provided by each stack of your Lava Field by 2%.
Mental FlareReturns 30% of the Mage's maximum mana over 10 seconds. Power in NumbersIncreases your spell damage and healing by 4% for each Archon aura you have active.
Purging FlamesYour Cleansing Flames spell removes 1 buff from up to 10 enemies within the targeted area. Rising VengeanceIncreases the damage done by all of your Archon damaging abilities by 15%.
Swift ThoughtsReduces the cooldown on Mental Flare by 3 minutes. Waning PowerDrains the strength from the enemy, reducing their attack power and spell power by 5% and increasing the Mage's spell power by 10% for 60 seconds.