Rift Warlord Builds

rift warlord builds
Rift Warlord are extremely vulnerable when they are alone since they're more of a buffing class than anything. They do very well in parties because they can strengthen friends and weaken enemies.

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Rift Warlord Utility Build 1
Warlord (38) | Paladin (18) | Reaver (10)

Rift Warlord builds
Rift Warlord Utility Build 2
Warlord (38) | Paladin (28) | Beastmaster (0)
Rift Warlord Build
Rift Warlord Tank Build 1
Warlord (26) | Warlord (26) | Paragon (14)
rift Warlord builds
Rift Warlord Tank Build 2
Warlord (28) | Paladin (27) | Reaver (11)
rift warlord builds
Rift Warlord DPS Build 1
Warlord (32) | Warlord (32) | Paragon (2)
rift Warlord builds
Rift Warlord DPS Build 2
Warlord (31) | Beastmaster (31) | Paladin (4)
rift Warlord builds

Aid Command - Increase the healing ability of all raid and party members. Affected allies become Triage Weary and cannot benefit from Aid Command again for 5 minutes Commanding Presence - Increases duration of all Call spells by 6 seconds.
Figurehead - Increase healing taken by 6%. Locked Down - The Warrior deals weapon plus Physical damage to up to 8 enemies in range, their presence and tactics force those affected to be rooted in place for up to 8 seconds
Rallying Command Rapid Recovery - When you Block an attack you gain 10 Power.
Untenable Position - Any target hit by Pin Target, Locked Down, and Killing Field has their chance to hit reduced by 30% for 6 seconds. That Which Doesn't Kill Me - After being the victim of a critical hit, you heal 25% of the damage done