Rift Mage Builds

Rift Mage are recognized for their devastating long-range combatants, the arcane powers Mages wield can tear through any opponent, no matter armor. Mages are renowned like a fearsome offensive force about the field of battle, numerous orders specialize in potent support and healing magic as well.

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The majority of the Mages spells consume Mana, these spells also produce Charge. Charge can be allocated to powerful spells, many of which consume all of the mages current charge, or consume charge while active. Spells which consume charge while active stop the mage from building more charge. Though the Mage's traditional light cloth robes leave their health vulnerable, their thoughts are their true bulwark. Mages employ a number of arcane items such as staffs, wands, tomes, and totems to concentrate their spell-casting. Additionally, many Mages protect themselves in close combat with a simple edged weapon such as a dagger or short sword.

Before we get in to the different mixture of souls, you should have a basic understanding of what each Mage soul is capable of. Below is really a breakdown of Mage souls:

rift mage buildsRift Dominator - The Dominator is really a support Mage who terrorizes opponents, leaving them unable or unwilling to do something. This soul is most commonly used being an off-soul. The Dominator is able to use powers called Transmogrify and Neural Prod.

rift mage buildsRift Elemental Summoner - The Elementalist is an extremely powerful soul that permits you to summon pets to aid in your battles. You have 3 options of pets to select from and can even CC enemies when you are PVPing.

rift mage buildsRift Archon - This soul is recognized as like a support since it has the abilities to buff friendlies and debuff enemies. The Archon soul is not recommended to be used as the main soul.

rift mage buildsRift Pyromancer - Pyromancers are destructive mages whose sole focus is the mastery of fire. The Pyromancer soul has the ability to control fire. This soul may either deal lots of DPS to some single target or AOE damage.
rift mage buildsRift Stormcaller - Stormcallers are mages who channel the raw fury from the wind and water to command the battlefield. This soul uses spells to deal harm to its enemies with air and water attacks.

rift mage buildsRift Necromancer- Necromancers are damage dealers who synergize using their pets..This soul is similar to the Elementalist soul as possible also summon a pet to help you tank and protect against enemies. The Necromancer soul also allows you to heal and it has a buff to increase damage temporarily.
rift mage buildsRift Chloromancer - The Chloromancer soul has the ability to heal party members and may also inflict damage on enemy targets. This soul is a very good support soul as possible constantly heal yourself during battles.

rift mage buildsRift Warlock - Consummate practitioners from the dark arts, Warlocks embrace the grim forces of entropy and death. Protected within a cloak of shadows, they lurk about the edges of the conflict, as their deadly energies inevitably consume everything stand in their way.

rift mage buildsRift Archmage - Archmages have perfected spells that devastate the Ascended. He learns rituals of empowerment, control, and protection.