Rift RiftStalker Builds

The Rift Riftstalker is a defensive specialist who bends the planes to improve his constitution and shift in and out of the physical dimension. These highly skilled and survivable combatants keep their opponents’ focus while easily evading incoming blows.

RIFT Riftstalker BUILDSRift Riftstalker Strengths: A Riftstalker is definitely an incredibly mobile fighter capable of shielding themselves from harm and appearing in the ideal place and amount of time in a fight.

Rift Riftstalker Weaknesses: Harnessing planar energies places Riftstalkers under tremendous strain, so while formidable in short engagements, they quickly lose ground as they exhaust their bag of tricks.

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RiftStalker PvE Tank Build 1
Riftstalker (34) | Bladedancer (23) | Bard (9)
RIFT Riftstalker BUILDS
RiftStalker PvE Tank Build 2
Riftstalker (38) | Bladedancer (20) | Bard (8)
RIFT Riftstalker BUILDS
RiftStalker PvE Tank Build 3
Riftstalker (45) | Sabteur (13) | Bladedancer (8)
RIFT Riftstalker BUILDS
RiftStalker PvE Tank Build 4
Riftstalker (45) | Saboteur (13) | Bladedancer (8)
RIFT Riftstalker BUILDS

Death from the Shadows - Your Shadow Assault deals 40% more damage. Freedom of Movement - You become immune to all Stuns, Snares and Roots for 2 seconds after Plane Shifting.
Guarded Steel - A Finisher that deals weapon plus Physical damage and increases Armor Value by 30%. Hasted Time - Increases your movement speed by 30% for 4 seconds after Plane Shifting.
Improved Guardian Phase - Increases your Endurance by an additional 5%. For every point spent in the Riftstalker Soul above 26, an additional 1% bonus is added to your Endurance. Improved Rift Barrier -  These bonuses are applied only when you are in Guardian Phase.
Planar Refuge - Uses the Rift energies to strengthen the Rogue's soul for 10 seconds, reducing damage taken by 30%. Planar Switch - The Rogue transfers all existing Combo Points from the previous Combo Point target to the current enemy target.
Rift Prison - Imprisons the enemy for 6 seconds, rendering the enemy helpless, but invulnerable to all effects Shadow Assault - The Rogue Plane Shifts and strikes the enemy with a deadly attack from behind, dealing weapon plus 162 to 168 Physical damage.