Rift Cleric Builds

Rift Cleric are Telara’s original wielders of magic gained their powers through pacts with minor elemental spirits. 

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Although those who take up this calling boast extensive knowledge and keen intellect, Clerics value wisdom and faith above all else. Intensely focused, a Cleric tackles any endeavor secure within the support of powerful beings incomprehensible to the layman. These beings’ exact nature depends upon each Cleric’s culture of origin and spiritual training regimen.

Before we obtain in to the soul combinations for your Rift Cleric Builds, lets break up each soul so that you have a full understand of what each soul is capable of doing.

Rift Cleric BuildsRift Warden - The Warden soul is a water based healer that may heal players over a short time period. They are also recognized for their quick mana regeneration.

Rift Cleric BuildsRift Purifier - This soul has very weak damage against enemies, however is excellent when it comes to healing party members or yourself. The Purifier soul is terrific support and it is ideal for raids, parties or PVP.

Rift Cleric BuildsRift Inquisitor - By using a mixture of life and death magic spells, the Inquisitor soul deals lots of DPS damage to enemies. Not only is this soul terrific at DPS, additionally, it has DoTs and can ensnare and CC enemies easily

Rift Cleric BuildsRift Cabalist - The Cabalist soul is very good at dealing AOE damage towards enemy targets, nonetheless they are very weak and also have the lowest likelihood of survival during combat. It is suggested to fight from afar.

Rift Cleric BuildsRift Shaman - Where the Shaman soul lacks in healing and defense, celebrate up in melee DPS. This soul can effectively protect against opponents and deal a ton of damage.

Rift Cleric BuildsRift Druid - The Druid soul is comparable to the Shaman soul since it may also deal melee DPS. The difference between your Druid and also the Shaman is this fact soul has the ability to summon a pet.

Rift Cleric BuildsRift Sentinel - Sentinel brings the blessings of light to any or all that do the desire from the gods.This soul is very effective in group play because it has excellent AOE healing abilities.

Rift Cleric BuildsRift Justicar - JJusticars are healing clerics who fight shoulder-to-shoulder using their allies in close combat. The Justicar soul is the main tanking soul for Mages.